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What are trucks?

The term 'truck' is interpreted differently across regions. In continental Europe and the UK, trucks are generally referred to as large, heavy-duty vehicles used for commercial purposes. In the USA, 'truck' encompasses a broader range, including smaller commercial vehicles like pickups.

What’s the difference between lorry and truck in the UK?

While both terms describe heavy road vehicles used for transporting goods, 'lorry' typically implies a larger vehicle, often used for long-haul transport. 'Truck' in the UK can refer to a range of sizes, from smaller pickups to large lorries, similar to the American usage.

What are the criteria by which trucks are divided?

The maximum loaded weight, which includes the weight of the truck and its cargo, is a crucial factor for determining the truck's classification and the type of roads it can navigate.

The wheel formula, ranging from 4×2 to 8×8 configurations, is a defining characteristic. In this formula, the first number represents the total number of wheels, while the second indicates the number of powered wheels.

Trucks are typically categorized by fuel type into diesel, petrol, electric, and gas-powered.

What type of truck body suits your needs best?

Trucks are also classified by body type. For example, tow trucks are needed for vehicle recovery, crane trucks for heavy lifting in construction, box trucks for secure goods transport and food trucks for mobile retail. Tipper trucks are essential in construction for material unloading. Tanker trucks carry liquids and gases. We offer an array of other truck varieties by body types.

What are the most popular truck manufacturers?

On our website, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of vehicles from some of the most renowned truck manufacturers globally: Isuzu, Volvo, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, Scania etc.

Why should you buy and sell trucks on Truck1 United Kingdom?

Truck1 is an online platform, serving as a pivotal connection point for buyers and sellers globally. This platform boasts an extensive selection of both new and used vehicles, encompassing a diverse array including trucks, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. A feature of the website is a multi-language interface, which significantly enhances user convenience by catering to a global audience.

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